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Your underlying technology platform is what powers your website’s performance. With BigCommerce as the centerpiece of your e-commerce website, you’re set up for success. But, as with all platforms, BigCommerce works with numerous third-party vendors and applications to drive results.

As technical experts, the team at Mercutio is accomplished in all aspects of running an e-commerce business. What’s more, our on-shore, Seattle-based engineering and project management teams are here to help you choose and integrate the right assortment of technologies and services to optimize your BigCommerce site’s design and performance.

What We Do

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    start reading here We don’t want to toot our own horn, but we’re experts in all aspects of driving an e-commerce business. After considering your goals, our Seattle-based engineering and project management teams will help you choose and integrate the right assortment of technologies and services to optimize your site’s design.

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    start reading here Your website is typically the first and most-frequent touch point your brand has with your customers. We can help you design and build an engaging, memorable website jam-packed with content that captures your customers’ attention and drives their action.

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    Strategy & Analytics

    start reading here To bring customers closer to your brand in repeatable and measurable ways, it’s critical that you consider UX, SEO, reporting and creative goals when designing your site. We help you identify these goals during the discovery stage of any project, then build out the tools and strategy you need to track and improve your results.

Brands we work with

Recent Work

ERP Selection - Curran


ERP Selection

  • Curran provides customers white glove service with custom outdoor furniture and flooring products
  • All of their products are custom built; furniture has trim, fabric, accessories; flooring is custom cut
  • We reviewed and documented their current sales to cash process and helped provide definition to where their process could be streamlined with technology
  • Goal of technology was to automate manual processes, provide better information on-hand to various teams, create visibility within sales/order management
  • We then wrote and RFP and led a review process to find an ERP vendor

BigCommerce Implementation - Theo Chocolate

Theo Chocolate

BigCommerce Implementation

  • Theo began with helping them define what the next phase of ecomm looks like for Theo - this included process definition for online orders, specific feature requirements, review of upcoming changes to their ERP system, platform review, cost of ownership analysis and platform recommendation
  • They landed on BigCommerce so we migrated the site from Wordpress to BC in 90 days. Shogun was selected as a plugin to help manage content
  • Phase 2 is coming with a bunch of new features

ERP Integration with Knect - SOG Knives

SOG Knives

ERP Integration with Knect

  • SOG needed to migrate off Magento 1 to BigCommerce in a hurry
  • Phase 1 was platform migration with light weight UX updates and keeping feature parity with Magento
  • Mercutio’s knect platform was selected for the ERP integration with Great Plains
  • Site went live in less than 110 days
  • Phase 2 is new designs and new features, stay tuned!
  • Homepage loads in 1.5 seconds and pdp in less than 4 seconds - screaming fast

Project Detail Page Design - Croakies


Project Detail Page Design

  • You buy Croakies because they look cool and you like the color
  • We redesigned and rebuilt the Croakies site to clean up the user experience and to emphasize the idea of shopping by color
  • A tagging solution was built to help filter down the more than 250 color/patterns available
  • Patterns change seasonally, new design allows them to update merchandising to match the seasons

Client testimonials

"We’ve found Mercutio to be a local partner who understands our needs and can translate the company culture into a website shopping experience for our customers, and Mercutio’s suggestions continue to improve the customer experience. They offer highly qualified resources who are focused on efficiency and great customer service."
Dana Wilke Director of IT at Outdoor Research
"Mercutio began supporting our website in May 2015. Since then they have reduced request response times from over 1,600 milliseconds to under 200 milliseconds, and they increased our uptime to over 99 percent. During the busiest December 2015 sales period uptime was 100 percent."
Dana Wilke Director of IT at Outdoor Research
"Mercutio understands the unique relationships our brand cultivates with our consumers and specialty retail partners. With deep web and Magento experience the technical team supports Simms using our technology platform to create connections and brand emotion."
Matt Andrew Director of IT at Simms Fishing Products

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