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Understanding your position in the market helps to improve your competitive advantage. Equally, having the ability to measure performance allows for data-driven strategies. Key performance metrics include knowing your website’s conversion channels, page load times, how many customers are purchasing from mobile, and the strength of your SEO efforts.

Since 2010, Mercutio has been using our first-hand knowledge to guide ecommerce leaders as they make timely improvements to their websites. We do this with one goal in mind: Ensuring our clients exceed their ecommerce goals. Our motto–Loyal to the End–proclaims the customer-centric approach we take when it comes to building top-performing websites. Add by partnering with our industry-leading technology partners, we deliver measurable results, leading our clients to success with site builds, email marketing, technical SEO and beautiful, functional design.

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Please take a few moments to see how your website rates, and then let us help you discover methods to deliver even stronger results. A Senior Business Analyst will review your website’s conversion channels, pages per visit, mobile purchasing and SEO rankings. And after our review, you will receive an analysis along with recommendations for performance improvements.

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Overall Stats

Did you know that faster page load times usually mean more page visits? Not having to wait for the page to load also influences how much time a visitor will spend on your website.


Getting customers to your website is the biggest digital marketing investment that you will make. Understanding search dynamics is key to successful e-commerce.

  • Paid Search
  • Direct Traffic
  • Organic Search

Conversion Channels

Knowing your website traffic patterns and understanding what drives your customers to buy is part of creating an effective e-commerce ecosystem.

  • Email
  • Owned Content
  • Direct Traffic

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At Mercutio, we create exceptional online experiences to help brands win. By getting to know our customer’s customer, we help guide them through a process of improvement and small wins.

We focus on improvements, whether it’s page load times, increasing mobile purchasing, improving online experiences or overall growth of ecommerce sales. When our customer wins, we all win.

Mercutio—NEC SECUTUS EST FINIS—Loyal to the End.

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