BELTS ARE THE NEW BLACK: How Croakies uses color to drive engagement

Case Study

We assisted Croakies in their recently expanded product line by adding the ability to shop by a variety of patterns color. While we were at it, fine tuned the overall design of the entire site.

Croakies Device Screenshot Feature
Croakies Device Screenshot Feature

Everyone knows Croakies. Over the past 42 years, the OG outdoor brand and their products have become synonymous with eyewear retainers for outdoor activities. But more recently, their product lines has expanded, and Croakies now makes a line of stylish, functional belts with over 200 patterns and colors to choose from.

Croakies’ incredible selection of colors meant they needed a way to help online customers explore all the various colors and patterns available. Mercutio created a tagging system for the colors, allowing the Croakies internal team to promote colors and patterns for special events, seasonally, or however their business demanded.

While we were at it, we fine tuned the overall design of the Croakies site, ensuring consistency in the customer experience, and providing a clear call to action and a stronger mobile presence.

The site is currently live (check it out here)

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