BigCommerce’s 2020 Guide to Holiday Planning


The holiday season drives some of the highest sales of the year! Mercutio and BigCommerce will unwrap everything you need to succeed during the holidays.

Plan For The Holidays, Month-by-Month

A successful holiday strategy is the key to competing during the busiest time of year. Add in this year’s surge in online shopping due to the global pandemic and suddenly, your ecommerce holiday strategy has become more important than ever.

That’s why BigCommerce has put together a 2020 holiday guide to help set you up for success this season. Their chronological, month-to-month guide will give you exclusive access to the insider tips, proven tactics and expert advice you need to create an award-winning strategy.

Their chronological planning guide provides a deep dive to prepare your business for a holiday season unlike ever before. But first, you’ll want to mark these key holiday shopping dates.

2020 Holiday Calendar
2020 Holiday Calendar

In the 2020 Guide to Holiday Planning, Mercutio and BigCommerce discuss all of the following points; at its conclusion, you’ll be ready to craft an award-winning holiday strategy.

Here’s a sneak peek at what their holiday guide has to offer.


Customer and User Experience

Early planning is essential. Learn how to evaluate your ecommerce store and what you need to optimize to deliver an unforgettable online experience.

SOG Knives


Selling, Shipping and Fulfillment

To execute on a great customer experience strategy, you’ll need a clear plan on where to sell your products and how to ship and fulfill orders.

“Preparing for the holiday sales season isn’t something that happens in the weeks leading up to the holidays. It is truly something we start thinking about months in advance. We focused heavily on list growth and better engagement throughout the year because we knew it would pay off when the holidays rolled around. It’s definitely about the long game.”

  • John Merris, CEO of Solo Stove


Marketing and Promotions

Create holiday magic and spark customer joy with tactical ways to connect your brand to the season — and incentivize customers to shop.

SOG KNIVES Engraving Holiday Campaign 2019
SOG KNIVES Engraving Holiday Campaign 2019


Customer Service and Support

Major holiday shopping dates are right around the corner. Learn how to equip both your business and your customers with adequate support.

“Customers are conditioned to expect certain moments in the year where there are heavy promotional periods, like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. What we want to do as a brand is to elevate that promotional experience. Create real unique promotions that don’t cheapen the brand, but still offer a great option for the consumer.”

  • Alex Kubo, VP Ecommerce and Digital Marketing, Burrow


Reporting and Analytics

Learn how to measure the performance of your promotions and campaigns and plan for 2021.

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Begin your holiday planning, read the full BigCommerce article here.

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