Dear Developers: WorkFromHome


Dear Developers: WorkFromHome

Like many people, the crew at Mercutio assumed the work-from-home mandate enforced at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic was going to be a short-term thing, so without much thought, we all grabbed our crucial office belongings and began working from home. When the severity of the global situation became clear, we all hunkered down, did a little more organizing than the laptop-on-the-kitchen-table setups we started out with, and created our own personal work-from-home nirvanas.

As it happened, we had already decided not to renew the lease at our old office spot, and we were looking for a new place in Ballard to set up shop. So, when COVID struck, our lease term was up, and we decided the whole team should work remotely for at least the summer.

If you’re interested in seeing the work-from-home operations of the Mercutio dev team, we’re lucky enough to have imagery and descriptions from each of our devs in their natural habitats.

What ‘desk job’ means at Mercutio

Dudley the dog sits at Ashley’s desk while he works on Theo’s front-end development.

“I spend my workday surrounded by all of my geeky stuff all while battling my dog for seating privileges.”

  • Ashley Jaynes
  • Ashley JaynesWeb Developer

Ella works in the nursery of her expected child.

“At eight months pregnant, my work-from-home office has been taken over with baby stuff, so I find myself working mostly from the couch.”

  • Ella Zander
  • Ella ZanderWeb Developer

Kelati and Winnie, a Bernedoodle, pose for the camera while Kelati works at his desk decked out in Washington State, Seattle Seahawks and Seattle Mariners décor.

“I am learning to love working from home. I get to put the team on my back and surround myself with sports swag. Plus my coworker Winnie is always happy to see me. Go Cougs!”

  • Kelati Andemichael
  • Kelati AndemichaelWeb Developer

Speaking of décor, Travis’ setup looks pretty cush!

“Working from home has been great for my productivity. I feel that I am able to get more accomplished now that I don’t have to commute into work, which has been great! I do miss having a second screen to use while working; my second monitor decided to quit right at the beginning of working from home.”

  • Travis Hayes
  • Travis HayesApplication Developer

When Jimmy was emailed about his work-from-home (boat?) setup, his automated response was, “Gone Sailing!” Lucky guy. Normally it’s “In a meeting.”

Jordan never works alone on his farm south of the city.

“Besides no commute, things really haven’t changed. I’m still busy as a bee, and I still receive frequent nudges (from my goats and PM’s) to make sure I haven’t forgotten about them.”

  • Jordan Hunter
  • Jordan HunterSr Web Developer

​LaQuita is a sewing genius. We should probably call this a work bench rather than a workstation.

When Michelle isn’t working on building her music studio, she lives/ works on her boat at a Marina.

“[I’m] just going with the flow and adjusting to the new work rhythm, waves and all, specially when a big boat goes by and throws some mean wake my way.”

  • Michelle Weaver
  • Michelle WeaverWeb Developer

No matter where they’re working, our developers are in the trenches day in and day out, sweating the details, and solving today’s toughest challenges in tech. They’re creating exceptional online experiences with technical sophistication and with great UX/ CX design, and now they’re doing it from the comfort of their own home. Frankly, we might never come back to an office again.

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