Mercutio Wins Again in Retail Today’s 2020 Best of the Best 20 BigCommerce Agencies


Mercutio was featured in Retail Today’s 20 “Best of the Best” BigCommerce Agencies Special Edition.

Mercutio was featured in this edition because we focus on creating immersive and inspiring experiences on the BigCommerce platform. We have years of experience that help us look at eCommerce business in its holistic sense and enable greater merchant success. We inspire to innovatively harness the true potential of the BigCommerce platform in order to fuel our clients’ eCommerce success.

Best of the Best

If you are looking to build and grow your eCommerce operations—be it replatforming, building a new site, enhancing functionalities or site optimization—these best-in-class agencies bring in tremendous value that spices up online shopping.

Amidst these market shifts, last month, we saw BigCommerce’s spectacular Nasdaq debut. With over 60,000 online stores powered by BigCommerce, any merchant looking to succeed online turns to BigCommerce for 3 simple reasons: affordable, easy to use and feature rich. Businesses love the platform for its superior customizability and flexibility in functions like catalog management, checkout, order management and store design.

While the buzz in the market is around eCommerce and in particular BigCommerce, our editorial team has been talking to hundreds of agencies who could help you build or bolster your eCommerce initiatives. There are plenty of reputable agencies who do fantastic work. In this edition, we present you the 20 “best of the best” BigCommerce Agencies.

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