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Taking a break from our regularly scheduled programming, we wanted to highlight some friends of ours that make cool stuff. Meet Dave Taylor. He is focused on apparel, and his designs are hot. His shop, getokaybro.com, is his easy-going, always hip nature actualized into his very own line of streetwear. Big and bold, OkayBro gear stands out.

We recently sat down with DT (via zoom) and asked him about the hows and whys of OkayBro. His office is in his beautiful home in Seattle, Washington, where he lives with his wife and 2 kiddos. While we were talking, his daughter Elle B was in and out of the frame and buzzing around the house. Ruby, his other daughter, was on her mountain bike outside.

OkayBro T-Shirt
OkayBro T-Shirt

DT’s shop is doing well. At first, his best customers were his friends. But the network of people wearing his styles has expanded. That’s always a good sign. With a few collaborations with local bike shop Polka Dot Jersey, the mountain biking “facilitators” at Smooth Jazz Lines—just do yourself a favor and read their ‘about’ section—and San Francisco’s boutique streetwear brand Benny Gold, he’ll be busy putting out ultra-cool stuff for the foreseeable future.

“I came up with the name ‘Okaybro’ as a way to make fun of Miami culture and all the awesome ridiculousness I love about my hometown. But now, it’s become a way to remember not to take life or yourself so seriously.”

OkayBro Hat & Beanie
OkayBro Hat & Beanie

DT also owns a design consultancy also called OkayBro. Simply put, he does cool things with rad companies, and you should know about him.

“I want to put interesting things into the world—tv commercials, videos, brand identities, social media campaigns, t-shirts, weird cool things without a label—for companies that work to make the world a better, smarter and radder place to live.”

OkayBro Solidarity T-Shirt
OkayBro Solidarity T-Shirt

Check out his shop and get stoked for those collabs! Links below:



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