Theo Chocolate migrated onto BigCommerce in 90 days.

Case Study

Chocolate Loves Ecommerce: Theo Chocolate migrated onto BigCommerce in 90 days with new designs and it looks terrific!

THEO Device Screenshot Feature
THEO Device Screenshot Feature

Theo Chocolate makes the best chocolate ever (in our opinion anyway) and is the preeminent chocolate brand in Seattle (based on our in depth research of eating a lot of chocolate). The brand had reached a point where growing Ecommerce sales was a priority but were unsure about the best technology to build with. They had a Wordpress/WooCommerce site hosted on bare metal, knew they needed to change and had many ideas around digital marketing; yet with so many technology options available, the best platform to serve the growth of the business was unclear.

Enter Mercutio. We began working with Theo early in their discovery and helped define requirements/features for both B2B and B2C ecommerce. Next, we led a platform agnostic review of ecommerce platforms providing a comparison based on the recently defined features. This gave the Theo team a foundation to make good decisions and be in control of their ecommerce

  • Increase of average conversion rate (YOY)
  • Reduction in page load (YOY)
  • Increase of transactions from mobile (YOY)

Theo landed on BigCommerce as the ecomm platform and asked the Mercutio team to build the site. The new Theo site serves both B2B and B2C customers using a single instance of BigCommerce and we aimed to use out-of-the-box features as much as possible. Shogun was added for content management, and we created a custom template allowing wholesale customers to add multiple items to cart easily. While the site was getting built, Theo was finalizing a major update to their brand look and feel, the hustle to launch the was to align the site launch with the launch of a rebrand. We got the site live in 90 days and ready for the holidays keeping the Theo team on-time for their brand launch and a speedy site for holiday shopping.

Speaking of site performance, the migration to BigCommerce reduced page load by 30% compared to Wordpress/WooCommerce!

The site is currently live (check it out here). We also have a few new features coming soon, so stay tuned!

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